What is Onahole?

A word originated in Japan, which means artificial vagina for male masturbation.

Generally, it is a handy type with one hand and it is made of soft material and used with lubricant. Most onaholes contain small lubricants that can be used one or two times.

Except for plastic cups, most Onaholes can be reused by washing the inside after use.

After use, there is a lot of foreign matter inside, so it is recommended to wash with neutral detergent. It is also recommended to remove the moisture after cleaning to prevent odors and mildew.

However, deterioration may occur due to repeated use and cleaning.

Onaholes come in many forms. Vagina shape, mouth shape, butt shape and etc...

Let me show you contents in the Onahole package.

The name of this product is [Moe Ana Trinity HARD] of RideJapan, one of the most popular product in Japan.

Generally, There are one Onahole body and small lube pack for using 1~2 times. After finished this lube, you need to use with another lube. Please don't use without lubes, Onahole can damage by friction.

If you need to remove package when we pack it, please leave a comment in the checkout menu.

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