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by Akiba farm
We will provide English reviews of Onaholes on this blog.

They will help you choose your product and make the comparison between products easier.

Expect it to be posted regularly next week.

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Onahole Review - Seventeen Bordeaux

by Akiba farm


Original Post from April 18th, 2012

Today, I introduce “Seventeen Bordeaux” Made by Toy’s Heart on request. This one is the sequel of the famous “Seventeen Series”.

Long long time ago I gave good scores to "Seventeen" and "Seventeen Evolution", also I have used "Hitozuma Jukujo – Which means MILF Lady in Japanese" recently, a product made with the same mold as "Seventeen". So there has some impressions remain in my mind, but no detail and specific memory.

There are review posts available for these products, but it was written in the early days of this blog site. so, it contains some immature part during the review.

Ok, Let’s start talking about “Seventeen Bordeaux”

I really have no clue why [Toy’s Heart] choose the word “Bordeaux”. I look closely at the package description, but it explained nothing.

Is the package model a French girl? Is it related to French Bordeaux wine? It's a mysterious part.

The size of Onahole is almost same as previous series.

What you can see from the appearance, this is a totally new product made without re-use the molds from other products.

As you can see from Toy's Heart's recent launching trend, they keep choice bubbly material.

Until I see the picture above and instruction data below, I just guessed they wanted to show the better touch feeling but wasn't sure because there was no exact reference.

It seems like the bubble material formed much cleaner and more stable than previous product.

The internal structure is the wavy shape likes previous Seventeen Series. The folds are placed on the entire inner surface. Internal material used was the close as [IBOMAX].

So, if someone ask is that the materials different between inside and outside? I can tell that it looks they are using a new material, and it was very similar feeling when I touched it. Only the colors look different.

The insertion is surrounding the entire penis gentle and softly. It doesn't over tighten but nonetheless there is no lack of stimulation from textured walls and it maintains a good balance.

I think it's an antithesis for "A super pleasant Onahole is a simple and strong crisp stimulating product!"

If you want this for mild style or strong focused intense stimulation, it won’t work. But I strongly recommend for those who wants unique insertion experience that can cover a relatively wide range.

[Relax Type] ■■■□□ [Stimulation Type]

Onarou's recommendation level:★★★★★

You can find this from here (https://akibafarm.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=238)

Onahole Review - Virgin Loop

by Akiba farm

can find this from here (https://akibafarm.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=1059)

Original Post from April, 2013 (http://onahodouga.com/archives/54454702.html)

Today, I introduce “Virgin Loop” Made by RIDE JAPAN.

First, it’s easy to confuse you with the word “Virgin” in the product name. But It does NOT come with the hymen.

A manufacturer RIDE JAPAN, their previous product [Bungee Shake] was become a top-rated on the onahodouga.com ranking recently.

I was worried that they haven’t released a new Ona-hole since December 2012, Fortunately, they start again to launching 4 new products constantly. So, I would like to review them one by one.

Virgin Loop (The original one)

I was wondering do they put the hymen-like something inside of this hole, because of the product title and the typical schoolgirl-like uniform character printed on package design. But like I mentioned before, it does NOT have any of structure like that.

The exterior design has quite strange pattern like a cursed Onahole.

It doesn’t affect the extra feeling of insertion or stimulation, but I think this is a good evidence that the manufacturer can fully afford to show off not just the interior but also the exterior design too.

The material of Onahole is a little soft, less odor and oiliness.

The word "Quad-Helix" is printed on the package in large letters, and you can see the clover-shaped pattern on the inside.

Wait, I’ve seen this shape before.

Fushi Shoudou (Zero Spiral Hard Type)

It is the same structure as HotPowers’ Zero Spiral series which I gave 5 Stars at the past review.

Zero Spiral is the Onahole that I felt really great experience. This series have their own special inner shape, so I thought other manufacturer might release similar or copy-cat products, and as we can see RIDE did it.

This is the front of Zero Spiral.

The size and the shape of the hole are quite different, but the important concept of Onahole is almost similar. I believe “Virgin Loop” inspired from this product.

The inside is a simple structure with very fine folds but also, it has a remarkable vertical fold line too. This is the biggest characteristic of this series.

Comes with the same structure as Zero Spiral series, best soft materials from RIDE JAPAN, and these fine folds & vertical fold line. There is no reason not to good Onahole.

And It was really good.

Ugh, I, I’m so embarrassing to ejaculate on this copy-cat product with simple wrinkles…!

I felt as above during shot, but honestly it was amazing.

Every time a thin fold runs from the glans to the heels, feeling that a pleasant signal spreads around the glans.

When you trying to use “Virgin Loops” this inside vertical line fold gives an extra dimensional accent insertion feeling added on to the simple basic fine folds.

After all, I think again that these slim folds are simple but stable, and comfortable all the time.

Not only Zero Spiral, this “Virgin Loops” both are so amazing, I think this structure is one of the final answers of well-made Onahole.

Relax Type <- ■■■□□ -> Stimulation Type

Onarou’s recommendation level : ★★★★★

You can find this from here (https://akibafarm.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=1059)


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