About discreet shipping

by Akiba farm

Hello to everyone everywhere in the world, this is Azuma from AkibaFarm customer service!!

...and actually I'm preparing and packing and shipping and etc every orders from you! ;)

I already make a FAQ document about our discreet shipping. (https://akibafarm.com/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=30)

And this is the actual box for packing.

Some of you who already ordered from us know about this box.

There is no logo or text to identify contents in the box. (Red symbols are international symbols for handling. Like fragile, don't make it wet, don't upside down)

Today, I want to show you what our customers care about most, the "Shipping Label" on the box.

I'm sorry about bad quality of picture and editing (´・ω・`)...

Anyway, this is the actual shipping label for EMS.

ePacket and SAL is little different but not so much.

You can see logos and information about the parcel.

Let's look closer of "Detailed description of contents".

Basically, we NEVER write the actual name of the product in the description.

(But there was a happening about this with our first customer "onahole.eu". I'm sorry about it AnonymousD T_T you can check about this from onahole.eu's website https://blog.onahole.eu/news/akibafarm-a-new-onahole-shop-has-appeared)

Not only do we want to protect your privacy, but customs do not need any real name of products for clearing it.

All information necessary for customs clearance, such as the actual price or weight of the product, is sent to Customs.

So there is no worry about being blocked by customs.

And of course, if you need to change any description on this shipping letter, please let us know anytime.

Unless illegal thigs like lowering the quoted price, I'll write as you want. For example, changing sender's name to the other name.

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact me anytime.

Send from question foam of "Contact" page (https://akibafarm.com/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=56) is the fastest.

If you send and have no response within 48 hours(does not include weekends and Japanese holidays), please email to this address directly. ([email protected])

We all members of AkibaFarm are doing our best for your satisfying HENTAI shopping. Thank you!!


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