Notice about long maintenance

by Akiba farm

Hello, it is Azuma of Akiba farm.

There is good news and bad news at the same time.

Akiba Farm will be renewed from the server side to the new system.

Currently, Akiba Farm has a lot of confusing and inconvenient parts for customers to use, and it is completely redesigned.

However, for this, Akiba Farm will be closed for a long time.

The current Akiba Farm will be operational until the end of this year, with plans to reopen in March next year.

Many customers have earned reward points, and we recommend that you use them all up in the year.

※Expected maintenance period

2019.12.23 ~ 2020.02.29

Please don't forget to use your remained reward points before 2019.12.22!!

Japan enters a long New Year's holiday from December 28 to January 5.

Please note that delivery may be delayed slightly.

It was a short time, but thank you for your love for Akiba Farm.

See you next year in a new look.


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